Money, it makes the world go round, or so some say. We would have to agree. Almost every aspect of live can be tied back to money. Even something as simple as eating and drinking can all come down to money. I can be difficult to keep track of changing prices and inflation.

Take a trip down to your local store and watch the shop assistant using their brand new touch screen cash register and all you can think is I've just paid double for my shopping so you can have the latest piece of tech, but is that really the case? The argument would be that all this technology should make things easier and cheaper to run so surely the savings should be passed on to the consumer.

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Ask anyone and they will tell stories of how they used to do their shopping on half their current budget, but I guess the real question should be "Is it actually more expensive now or is it all relative?" I mean look at the price of petrol seem stupendous these days but if you compare it as a percentage of what people earn now compared to what it was and what people earned 20 years ago I think you'll find it's the cheapest it's ever been.

In conclusion it's always difficult to tell when looking at the raw figures alone instead of looking at the whole picture, but then again there must be something in it as if there wasn't then none of us would have noticed would we?

There are so many moneysaving ideas out there it's often hard to know where to start with it all, a good place can be what can I easily do without? So that extra take-away on a Thursday night for example could be a good place to start. It all part of that old saying "look after the pennies and the pound look after themselves".